Basic / Writing words
BasicWriting words2016-11-20


Persian letters appear in different forms. By watching this video you learn these forms and how to connect the letters and make words.
BasicWriting words2016-11-20


You want to make sure that you have learned the letters and vowels and how to write words? This video includes more writing examples.
BasicWriting words2016-11-20


Persian dictation is very difficult because we have several letters for a single sound in Persian alphabet, and that is because Persians have borrowed the alphabet and many words from Arabic language. That means, in order to spell a word correctly, you have to see it once. But if the word is not borrowed from Arabic, you can mostly guess its spelling easily. And that is the case with the words in this video. The only point you should be aware of, is that the letters below appear almost only in Arabic words and not in Persian. In other words, the words in this video do not include the following letters:ث، ح،، ذ، ص، ض، ع، غ، ط، ظ، ق